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The Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin is located in a beautiful space!
You will find us in: Somatische Akademie/ Zentrum für Yoga, Stimme & Bewegung
Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We are particularly attentive in all our activities and constantly adapt to your wishes and the  current conditions. Regular airing and hand washing are a matter of course!

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F.M Alexander developed a technique of conscious „inhibition“ and „giving directions“, which releases our physical structure and lets us respond more freely. As a result, often discomforts such as headache, back pain and pain in the joints disappear. The effects of the Technique are  described as calmness, lightness and  a sense of well- being. The Alexander Technique is a study of how we relate to and treat ourselves/our body. It is based on the fact that all mental and bodily processes are inextricably linked…

Unfortunately, we have been taught that all the ordinary, most necessary, and therefore most oft-repeated acts of life should be automatic and unconscious; for this reason they have become indifferent. The psycho-physical condition here indicated is one that induces stagnation in the organism, and, as it is a condition which becomes more and more pronounced with advancing age, we gradually lose the capacity to take conscious interest in and derive pleasure from those normal and useful activities of life in the sphere of doing, hearing, seeing, etc.    F.M.Alexander, CCCI p.198/199


Current feedback from lessons:

“I have practiced meditation in action for more than twenty years.  Mainly focused on being present despite the chit chat of the mind.  Getting to know and taking regular individual Alexander Technique sessions, has led my practice to the level of the wisdom of the body, and the final step that was left in my meditation practice related to trust in myself and the wisdom that lies within me.  I truly recommend the technique for anyone interested in reaching a deeper level of presence and relaxation in whatever we are going through in the present moment. Thank you so much.” Jennié, (2023):

“Thanks to my Alexander Technique sessions with Pinelopi and Jörg, I have discovered a liberating sense of freedom and effortlessness.
Within just a couple of months, Alexander Technique opened the door to a new “me”: I am more relaxed, agile, and self-reliant in my day-to-day life and my perception of how my body works and what I can do with it has changed dramatically.
The best part? Thanks to both the sessions with Pinelopi and Jörg and my daily practice on my own, my body awareness is still evolving every single day in a very exciting way.
In the past, I was used to tensing up and putting my body under great pressure without even realizing it, and yet now I can notice pretty fast when it happens, correct my “course of action” letting go of my “old” habits, and take advantage of the healthier habits that became available thanks to Alexander Technique.
Depending on what my body needs in a specific situation, I now have plenty of options to choose from and every single day is a new opportunity to get to know my body a little bit better and to improve my flexibility.” Azzurra Camoglio, Life coach

New: Blog by Marie Dzingel (in our training course):

There is the possibility to take part in a student work experience (only for beginners!). More information:

Our school is acknowledged by both the national Alexander Technique association (ATVD) and the Affiliated Societies (ATAS, the international association of national societies).

If you are interested in taking the teacher training course you are also welcome to join the class as a guest. We speak English and German. Info



To renew and intensify your experience of the technique you are welcome to join the teacher training course for a day, or more, as a guest. Please make an appointment!


Fotos: school meeting in June 2023

Shmuel Nelken´s book: “The Alexander Technique”


A new edition of his only book, 78 pages, has been published in English by Joerg Aßhoff in February 2023!
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