the Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin offers a variety of ways to get to know the method and to deepen. Welcome!

The Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin is located in a beautiful space!
You will find us in: Somatische Akademie/ Zentrum für Yoga, Stimme & Bewegung
Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Due to the current crisis, we are particularly careful in all our activities and react with hand washing/disinfection, plenty of airing, air filter and wearing masks on both sides in direct contact!

We are looking forward to you!


F.M Alexander developed a technique of conscious „inhibition“ and „giving directions“, which releases our physical structure and lets us respond more freely. As a result, often discomforts such as headache, back pain and pain in the joints disappear. The effects of the Technique are  described as calmness, lightness and  a sense of well- being. The Alexander Technique is a study of how we relate to and treat ourselves/our body. It is based on the fact that all mental and bodily processes are inextricably linked…

To get to know the Alexander Technique we recommend taking private lessonsgroup classes, workshops and holiday workshops!

Our school is acknowledged by both the national Alexander Technique association (ATVD) and the Affiliated Societies (ATAS, the international association of national societies).

If you are interested in taking the teacher training course you are also welcome to join the class as a guest. We speak English and German. 

To renew and intensify your experience of the technique you are welcome to join the teacher training course for a day, or more, as a guest. Please make an appointment!

Excursion to “Bogenwege Berlin”.

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