Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin-Kreuzberg Jörg Aßhoff


The Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin is located in a beautiful
space! You will find us in:

Somatische Akademie/ Zentrum für Yoga, Stimme & Bewegung
Paul-­Lincke-­Ufer 30
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

please ring Yoga und Stimme 4 
2nd rear building, top floor.
We look forward to seeing you there!!
(Please make an appointment before!)

To get to know the Alexander technique we recommend
taking private lessons, group classes or workshops in Berlin-

private lesson introductory special offer!

Alexander technique - open group class
Monday, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.!

in Berlin-Schöneberg, Winterfeldtstr.
(U-Bahn Viktoria-Luise-Platz)
-small group with Petra v.Ondarza, (and Jörg
Aßhoff, from 5 or more participants)
-cost: 25 per class/ 5 classes 110/ 10 classes 195.
For information or to register
call: 0049 30 614 2418 or
send a mail to

Combine holidays and Alexander-Technique work!
in Slovenia 11.-17. April group classes and single lessons,
Info: Nina Rotner: 0157 31531323,
in Greece 6.-12. June, group classes and single lessons,
Info: Joerg Aßhoff:

If you are interested in taking the teacher training
you are also welcome to join the class as a
guest. (We speak English and German). Our school is
accredited by the Alexander Technik Verband Deutschland

To renew and intensify your experience of the technique you
are welcome to join the teacher training course for a day as
a guest
(fee: 20. Please make an appointment before!)
Rosemary, after a visit:
"The effects of the AT are still lingering. I think Rainer's
healing hands had a lasting imprint. But also Sibylle´s focus
on connecting the head joint to the tip of the little finger
and Lutz' focus on grounding the feet. A very special and
much needed moment of expansion. Thanks for inviting me
along. It seems like such a nurturing transformative place."

test person (guinea pig)
as a guinea pig, you take part in a student´s work
experience, which is part of the teacher training course. (Only for
Lessons (individual) take place once a week. Every fifth
lesson takes place with both the student and a teacher.
Cost: 55 for a lesson with both teacher and student
25 per lesson with a student

private lessons for children
25 per lesson (30 minutes)

Alexander technique in Stuttgart
Every other month Jörg Aßhoff gives private lessons in a
practice in the center near the "Katharinenhospital".
please ask for next date 2019

New: print your own gift voucher!

For information or to make an appointment call:
0049 30 614 2418 or send a mail to

Please note:

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