Visiting the class

We invite anyone interested who has had some experience of the Alexander Technique to visit the training course and enjoy the intense work atmosphere in the class. Guests will be treated as students; the more experienced trainees will practice working with you. You do not need to be interested in doing the teacher training course in order to participate. A day in the class costs € 25. (Option: Sometimes it is possible to get the full care also of the teachers (40 euros). Please ask for this possibility).

We meet Monday to Thursday 9-12:30. Holidays follow the Berlin school holiday plan (schedule see below).


  • Ute Freund, camerawoman, after a visit to the class:
  • “It was really great. In addition to the physical experience – and the tension in my neck has decreased significantly – it was above all the conceptual wealth. There were so many treasures in every brief exchange. And to observe that you all have different ways of working and different “grips” or rather: different „manipulations“, ways of using your hands – but it is exciting to see what is the same for everyone, what you all have in common. The presence, the fineness of the touch, the “releasing” quality… – Then a student showed me the exercise in which beginners learn to touch the back of a chair, and that it takes four to five months before they begin to use their hands on a partner. And then it was clear why you ALL are able to move in such a good, optimal, present way. That is how I would like to be able to move the camera. Well, it was very inspiring! I’ll be back! ;-)) I’m looking forward to seeing you again.Best regards, Ute”

Rosemary, after a visit:
“The effects of the AT are still lingering. I think Rainer’s „healing hands“ had a lasting imprint. But also Sibylle´s focus on connecting the head joint to the tip of the little finger and Lutz’ focus on grounding the feet. A very special and much needed moment of expansion. Thanks for inviting me along. It seems like such a nurturing transformative place.”

Teacher training course

        • time table 2023: (Monday to Thursday)
  • 29. August (Tuesday) – 28. September
    4. October – 19. October
    7. November (Tuesday) – 14. December
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