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“The Technique evolved by the late F. Matthias Alexander is generally regarded as one for altering postural behavior of individuals, and indeed it can be so regarded. However, it concerns itself with considerably more than this. It is a technique for altering the reaction of the individual to the stimuli of his environment, and thus it can be applied to the whole range of human activities, whether these be regarded as just thought processes or processes involving predominantly muscular activity.”  (Patrick Macdonald)

The Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin is in the center of the city in a large, sunny space in an old ware house on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, by the Landwehr canal in Kreuzberg. We offer a variety of possibilities to get to know the technique and to deepen your knowledge and experience. Welcome!

  • General options for learning the Alexander Technique:
  • -take private lessons
  • -join the class for a morning
  • -participate in one of our weekend workshops
  • -Combine holidays and Alexander Technique work!
  • -take the weekly evening group class (all levels)
  • -become a student of a third year trainee under supervision
  • -become a teacher of the Alexander Technique


  • The teacher training course:
  • Our school is acknowledged by both the national Alexander Technique association (ATVD) and the Affiliated Societies (ATAS, the international association of national societies), as well as by the city government. Students can make use of this to receive reductions. The officially required 1600 hours of training are spread over  about 3 years. We work 14 hours a week on four days, Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am – 12:30 am. School time is divided evenly throughout the year and holidays follow the holiday plan of Berlin public schools. This ensures an ongoing, continuous engagement with the technique and yet leaves the students enough time to fulfill their other obligations and commitments. Fees for the teacher training course amount to € 460 per month.


  • The Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin is directed by Jörg Aßhoff, but understands itself as a team of teachers.
  • Members are



  • Regular exchanges take place with Alexander Technique courses, with the schools of: Aranka Fortwängler, Freiburg, Ulli Pawlas, Hamburg, Agnès de Brunhoff, Paris.
  • Internationally known and acknowledged teachers are regularly invited to teach in the class. So far, the following teachers have taught at the school: Bob Britton (San Francisco), Giora Pinkas (San Francisco), Shaike and Linda Hermelin (Tel Aviv), Agnès de Brunhoff (Paris), Aranka Fortwängler (Freiburg), Yael Tam (Jerusalem) and Tamar Sarfati (Rouen).
  • In this way, beyond the continuous influence of the teachers at the school, a wide range of possibilities of exchange and of encountering different styles and perspectives in the Alexander Technique is available to the students.
  • We value highly communication and free and open exchange as important opportunities for learning.
    Classes take place in German and in English80% of the training is of a practical nature. Daily “theory” sessions ensure that students in time become acquainted with the Alexander concepts and terminology, and are able to use and apply them actively. Step by step, the ability to convey the Alexander Technique is developed, which encompasses the ability to apply the principles of the work first of all on oneself, in dealing with fellow students (both beginners and advanced), with guests, with a minimum of 5 pupils under supervision during the last year of the training. Some trainees may see the training as a means of supporting or furthering their personal development and may not wish to practice the Alexander Technique as a profession. This is a legitimate option.


  • For further information please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to meeting you here in the near future.
  • kind regards,
  • Jörg Aßhoff and colleagues
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