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Alexander-Technique in Berlin

In an individual lesson the Alexander technique is taught through guided everyday movements, such as walking, sitting down, standing up, and through basic positions, such as sitting, standing, lying. Grasping and lifting objects can also be explored in a lesson, as can more specific movement sequences, such as playing an instrument, writing or working at a computer. Individual lessons enable the work to be more intense and personal. The teacher uses subtle contact with his hands and complements this with verbal explanations. Step by step the student can deepen his sensory awareness, he develops a new sense for his body and learns to move with greater ease, less pain and more naturally.

Everyone begins lessons from a different place, from a different background and with different expectations. Accordingly, the number of lessons as well as the lessons themselves will vary with each individual. The aim is to build up an experiential knowledge which will enable the student to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique in his everyday life.

How long is a lesson?

An individual lesson is 45 minutes long. Especially in the beginning it is recommended that lessons are taken on a regular basis, preferably once a week.


single lesson € 60
10 lessons: € 55 per lesson
single lesson (reduced price) € 55
10 lessons (reduced price): € 50 per lesson
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Alexander technique in Stuttgart

Every other month Jörg Aßhoff gives private lessons in a practice in the center near “Katharinenhospital”.

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