Shmuel Nelken “The Alexander Technique”

    • Shmuel Nelken’s was one of my main Alexander Technique teachers for twenty-five years. This is another reason why I am especially happy to now publish the new edition of his book! It is in English, has 78 pages, the layout is by Jean M.O. Fischer. The book is available since February 2023!          

Joerg Aßhoff

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…I am an instrument that contains all: my body from head to toe; all my thoughts,sensations, feelings, wishes and desires; my successes and my failures. I am a self-directed instrument, with the ability to develop and to rehabilitate itself. I am also capable of harming myself – self- destruction. Sensitive and delicate with many possibilities – my potential to learn is immense. Hurt and in pain – I can heal myself and be renewed. But first and foremost, I have to learn the „Directions for Use“. For some reason, I was cast into the world, the instructions forgotten. Without them, I am a traveler without a compass. I lack the necessary direction…
(S. Nelken, from his book)


In this little book Shmuel Nelken captured brilliantly the essence of the principles, procedures and implications of the Alexander Technique. A perfect, highly recommended guide for beginners and experienced alike.
Gal Ben-Or, The Jerusalem School for Alexander Technique

Shmuel Nelken‘s book has always been an important source of inspiration for my own understanding of the Alexander Technique. It embodies the essence of this work in a practical, concise and understandable way, and mirrors the unique way Shmuel knew how to communicate Alexander’s work. A book one would not want to miss!
Aranka Fortwängler, Alexander-Technik Ausbildung Freiburg 

      • Shmuel Nelken is one of the key figures who helped to make the Alexander Technique known internationally. In the texts published here he shares with us his thoughts and experiences acquired from decades of working with the Technique.
      • Shmuel Nelken is a wonderful translator and interpreter of F.M. Alexander‘s philosophy and practice. With great dedication, care, eloquence, and precision he explains and illustrates the basic principles as well as the subtleties of the work.
      • His words do not come across as theoretical or dry; on the contrary, they are lively, immediately plausible, and touchingly human.
      • Reading them naturally leads one to question oneself and one’s attitudes, and helps to realign one’s inner compass towards more openness and natural serenity. We are invited to apply the Alexander Technique  creatively – in all of life’s situations.
      • Jörg Aßhoff, Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin

        • Ora and Shmuel Nelken at the International Kongress for the Alexander-Technique in Freiburg,
        • 1999, Photo by Nicola Hanefeld


                • Shmuel Nelken was the first student certified by Patrick Macdonald and still had lesson(s) with F.M. Alexander himself. He taught the Alexander Technique in Israel since 1961 and founded the „Jerusalem School for Alexander Technique“ in 1974, which he directed until shortly before his death in 2015. He was one of the directors of the Jerusalem Congress in 1996, which he and his wife Ora named „Back to Basics“.


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you can order it HERE!

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