„Tag der Rückengesundheit“

Many people suffer from back pain in their life.
But what makes a healthy back?
Stability? Mobility? Strength? Freedom from pain?
The potential to move and act effortlessly while being upright is something we are (almost) all born with.
Generally, we do not pay much attention to this wonderful, complex achievement. It is simply the invisible background or precondition for all our activity.
Unfortunately, we often develop (unconscious) habits that disrupt the body’s fine balance and can lead to fatigue, tension or pain over time.
In the face of recurring discomfort or restriction, we often ask: what can we do? The Alexander Technique shifts the question to: how are we actually doing what we do? What do we need to stop doing? It focuses on refining our perception, recognizing limiting patterns and learning to resolve them over time. This lets movement and our actions in general become less strained, freer and more integrated.
In our two-hour workshop, we will immerse ourselves in the principles of the Alexander Technique in a small group. We will look at our anatomical structure to understand the importance of a balanced head on a long and buoyant spine; guided explorations in sitting and lying down will give you practical experience and insight into the work. Finally, there will be space to reflect and suggestions for your own application of the Alexander Technique in everyday life.
Come and discover how you can use the Alexander Technique to develop a more balanced posture and a stronger and happier back!
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