Alexander Technique workshop in Greece-June 2020 timetable

Alexander Technique workshop in Greece-June 2020

Workshop from 25.6. – 1.7. 2020




course of the week:

  1. 25. June, Thursday

independent arrival on Kea, earliest check-in at 12:00

20:00-22:00   dinner

  1. 26. June, Friday

Arrival on Kea possible (ferry: see below)

08:30-09:30   Morning yoga / meditation (guided, optional)

09:30-10:30    Breakfast

10:30-13:00    Introduction to the Alexander Technique course and group work

13:30-14:30    Lunch time

15:00-18:00    Private lessons with Jörg / Carolina (40 min each)

20:00-22:00    Dinner


  1. 27. June, Saturday – 29. June, Monday

08:30-09:30    Morning yoga / meditation (guided, optional)

09:30-10:30   Breakfast

10:30-13:30    Private lessons with Jörg / Carolina (40 min each)

14:00-15:00    Lunch time

15:30-18:30    Private lessons with Jörg / Carolina (40 min each)

20:00-22:00    Dinner

Sunday afternoon and evening are free, or are available for a trip

  1. 30. June Tuesday

08:30-09:30    Morning yoga / meditation (guided, optional)

09:30-10:30    Breakfast

10:30-13:30    Private lessons with Jörg / Carolina (40 min each)

14:00-15:00    Lunch time

16:00-18:00    Group work with Jörg and Carolina

20:00-22:00    Dinner

    1. 1. July, Wednesday, return journey

    06:30              Ferry to Lavrio

    Depending on the flight time, there is the possibility to spend the day in Athens. We help with the coordination. There is the possibility to stay in the house until the next ferry: 16:30.


    Course description

  • The amount of effort we use for an action – whether it be more active or more passive – is often inappropriate and associated with too much or too little muscular activity. This often expresses itself in “bad posture” , and we often only become aware of it through pain, tiredness, lack of motivation and loss of energy. The mere will or the good intention to change are not sufficient, and an ambitious desire to “do things differently” can even lead to an opposite result. In the Alexander Technique we observe this phenomenon in everyday positions such as standing, lying and sitting, walking, sitting down and standing up and apply the principles of the Alexander Technique. Frequently described effects of this work include: having less pain, feeling lighter, more complete, more self-aware, more confident. The Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander at the beginning of the 20th century in a process of patient self-observation and is now widely taught in many countries around the world.


  • Group classes
  • Although lessons are taught in groups, the teacher nonetheless works with each person individually, supporting and guiding their own research and experiments with a subtle use of touch and with verbal explanations. Questions and problems are discussed together and reconsidered in relation to each person’s personal body experience. In addition, there are activities with the group as a whole. In a group we discover that in our own way we are all dealing with similar questions – how can I deal with tension and pain? What characterises so-called „bad posture“? What is a habit and how can I address this habit in a new way? How can I modify it if it is an unsuitable one? We learn to recognize and describe more accurately the phenomena in their complexity. We notice, for example, that it is much easier to see the harmful habits exhibited by others than to see our own. Together we can look for possible solutions with the help of the Alexander Technique. The group experience supports the individual in continuing to apply the Alexander Technique in the course of his everyday life, and can give impulses for a new way of „using himself“.


  • Private lessons
  • In an individual lesson the Alexander technique is taught through guided everyday movements, such as walking, sitting down, standing up, and through basic positions, such as sitting, standing, lying. Grasping and lifting objects can also be explored in a lesson, as can more specific movement sequences, such as playing an instrument, writing or working at a computer. Individual lessons enable the work to be more intense and personal. The teacher uses subtle contact with his hands and complements this with verbal explanations. Step by step the student can deepen his/her sensory awareness, he/she develops a new sense for the body and learns to move with less pain and more naturally, with greater ease within his body. Everyone begins lessons from a different place, from a different background and with different expectations. Accordingly, the number of lessons as well as the lessons themselves will vary with each individual. The aim is to build up an experiential knowledge which will enable the student to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique in his everyday life. An individual lesson is 45 minutes long.


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