Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin-Kreuzberg Jörg Aßhoff

Weekend workshops at the A.T. Schule Berlin with Jörg Asshoff and Petra von Ondarza.

These courses are open for beginners as well as advanced students.

Twice a year weekend workshops take place with at least two experienced teachers.
For a beginner, this is an opportunity to get to know the Alexander Technique in a short but intense form. For those more experienced the workshops are an opportunity to renew and deepen what they have already learned.

The workshops can also give you an idea of what the work in the teacher training course involves.

The teachers work with everyone individually, going from person to person, using delicate touch as well as verbal explanation. At the same time, participants are encouraged to explore the principles of the technique for themselves. Questions and difficulties are discussed in the group and can be related to the immediate bodily experience.
There are also activities which involve the whole group. We work on simple, guided everyday movements and on basic positions such as sitting, standing and lying.

The courses usually take place:

Saturday 14:00-17:00
Sunday 10:30-13:30

We encourage participation on both days, but it is also possible to register for one day

Next workshop:

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€ 50/45 per day

F.M. Alexander Technique