Alexander-Technik-Schule Berlin-Kreuzberg Jörg Aßhoff

Group classes

the course is open for beginners and advanced students

Although lessons are taught in groups, the teacher nonetheless works with each person individually, supporting and guiding their own research and experiments with a subtle use of touch and with verbal explanations. Questions and problems are discussed together and reconsidered in relation to each person’s personal body experience. In addition, there are activities with the group as a whole.

In a group we discover that in our own way we are all dealing with similar questions – how can I deal with tension and pain? What characterises so-called „bad posture“? What is a habit and how can I address this habit in a new way? How can I modify it if it is an unsuitable one? We learn to recognize and describe more accurately the phenomena in their complexity. We notice, for example, that it is much easier to see the harmful habits exhibited by others than to see our own. Together we can look for possible solutions with the help of the Alexander Technique.

The group experience supports the individual in continuing to apply the Alexander Technique in the course of his everyday life, and can give impulses for a new way of „using himself“.


The group class takes place once a week. It is a small group; two teachers (Jörg Aßhoff and assistant) are present.
The first class can be taken as a single class.


Single class: € 25
10 classes: € 195
in case of absence please notify us
contact J. Aßhoff for further information and registration

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